To run fast these days, you need a heck of a lot of training and conditioning and you need a good pair of shoes. Now the current trend would be – to run fast, you need a pair of carbon shoes. Looking at pricing, well you are in for around 4-5k give or take a few cents here and there. Not everyone can afford that sort of outlay. The Adidas Adizero Adios 7 are as close to a fast racing shoe as you will get without the expensive added carbon bit.

We come from the old school – a time when the racing shoe weighed in at 100 grams. These shoes are as close to what we used to run in and guess what, they feel equally as fast. We have tested the carbon shoes and yes – they seem to be fast (but on a day when the legs are fresh – put on a pair of carbon shoes when your legs are tired and you are smashed and you wont be running as fast as you think you should considering their expensive price-list tag)

The Adios 7 are a very good alternate to carbon shoes – at almost half the cost – this is a good option if you looking for a shoe that is both geared towards racing and everyday training. This shoe will not suit everyone. Its a “harder” ride if you compare it to some of the more springier models out there so its a try-on and see approach. As we mentioned we come from the early days of race shoes that weighed less than 150 grams so for us – these shoes feel right at home.

Weighing in at 217 grams, they are super light. They seem to be a rather narrow profile so if you have a fattish foot – these shoes are not for you. We put in a pair of elasticated laces before we went for a run and they are easy to get on and off with those in place.

They are “loud” out on the road but you can definitely feel the “spring” when you put them on. I would save these for race days when the legs are fresh and ready to run fast and hard. I would probably opt for an ADI BOSTON model for my training runs and save this model purely for interval sets on the track and race days

ADI always offer up a good looking shoe and these in terms of eye appeal, grab the interest straight away. This is a type of shoe that is more suited to the competitive racer than the weekend warrior so try them on before you buy and make sure they are the right fit for you.

We really loved them and are happy to confirm that these are an excellent alternate to the carbon models of today – when money is an issue for most – spending R2000 less on a pair of fast shoes is a win-win in everyone’s books

Available nationally – you cannot go wrong if you looking to spend wisely and run fast for more info and specs on the shoes