There are so many brands to choose from – the SUMARPO is trying to get a foothold here in South Africa with a few test units that have been made available.

We have tested both the RACE and the VICTORY and they tick the boxes. As good if not a little better than some of the rest. What makes these suits a little different from the rest is they are ECO FRIENDLY – what exactly does that mean?


Whereas Conventional fabrics are used to make up most other wetsuits (Extracted from petroleum, high energy consumption, Non-recyclable) Sumarpo goes the other way

SUMARPO eco-friendly fabrics (recyclable and biodegradable, reducing carbon emissions during the manufacturing process)


Low Modular Tech. The concept of low modulus is proposed by SUMARPO for the first time in the field of triathlon. Using low modulus tech (LMT) can reduce physical consumption and improve the efficiency of the swim stroke. This is a perfect combination of structural mechanics and ergonomic design in the application of high-tech triathlon gear.



SUMARPO, as the first, adopts water-based and benzene-free glue in the process of glued and blind stitching, which is a historical milestone of the triathlon career on environment protection. The water-based glue is more ecological and applicable in the ocean. Apart from this, the benzene-free glue greatly reduces the risk of cancer, which is safe for human-being.


SUMARPO upgraded from Yamamoto Aerodome to a new buoyant version – Aeroatom. We made an innovation on the honeycomb structure with perforated NBR buoyant materials, that is, adding NBR between two layers of pre-treated neoprene, which has an average increment of 5% buoyancy over the Aerodome series.


An upgraded application of the Ti-α insulation technology. It prevents external water from entering the wetsuit from the cuff, but a small amount of water inside the wetsuit can be heated by body temperature and stored to ensure the insulation effect.

applied Ti-α-Seal tech at the back neck and cuffs with SQ flex inner liner can greatly reduce abrasion and provide perfect comfort.

Other features include

Ultra smooth tech fabrics

Slip Skin is also called ‘super slippery fabric’. Processed by patented technology treatment, this fabric makes the surface extremely smooth and is designed for fast donning and off.

Ultra stretch tech fabrics

A remarkable R&D result caused up to 680% elongation, making the wetsuit perfectly flexible. This fabric is mainly applied to the shoulders and arms for free movement and nearly zero restrain

Lighter as well as faster.

The patented BCN buo-system is made up of Yamamoto 8mm SCS neoprene and rubber foam. his sandwich-like structure offers the highest buoyancy so far, with even 10% more buoyancy than the Aerodome series

xclusive back support panels

Helps swimmers to maintain proper body centerline. They form a triad balance support system with the Aerodome in the side body. It allows you to have a snappier side-to-side movement and eliminates blind spots when swimming.


Pricewise? Very competitive – get in touch and we can show you how to purchase one of these wetsuits