The Aeris Long Distance is a split-nose triathlon bike saddle designed to provide greater support and stability when riding in forward, aerodynamic racing positions. We had the pleasure of testing this unit recently and the improvements on the previous Mistica model is massive. From Day 1 on the bike – this saddle oozed comfort – no longer did we get chafed between the legs (the mistica for us was too wide – nice and short but way too wide IMO)

The Saddle looks fast. It also has the bracket for the water bottle at the back already mounted so this made it even easier for us to add the carrier.


Innovation in bike-fitting analysis alongside research on cycling aerodynamics led us to rethink our triathlon and time-trial saddles. In a field where marginal gains are fundamental, being able to provide a saddle that allows comfort in the most extreme aerodynamic positions represents a leap forward in performance achievement.



The Long-Distance version of Aeris is engineered with a split-nose construction. The independent halves of the nose allow for an unprecedented pressure-relief system while continuing to maintain the firm support and balance needed for long hours spent pushing in aero positions. At the nose, the rail loop provides strength to avoid asymmetrical fatigue while also acting as a hook to hold the bike in place in race transition zones.



The saddle padding consists of our type-1 formulation—thicker on the nose, where triathletes and time-trialists spend most of their time, and slimmer on the ischial bones to provide a firmer feeling for when riders need to rise from the aero position.



Aeris comes with an optional Link to integrate a water-bottle cage to the rear of the saddle. The link is designed to hold bottles at an angle that is out of the way during the critical mounting and dismounting phases at transition zones. Complying with UCI rules, Aeris is equipped with a revolutionary rail insertion that provides a more aero feeling by allowing for a broad range of adjustability, necessary to achieve the ideal forward riding position to beat the wind.

The Aeris R1 saves weight thanks to a newly designed 7×9 mm carbon rail.

If you are in the market for a long distance tri saddle – this is IT!!